Ozkaleli Brand; In 1940, Özkaleli A.Ş. Orhan and Hasan Özkaleli's rulers were founded by Hasan Özkaleli. Hasan Özkaleli; In 1940 and afterwards, he started to work with traditional methods in his home, with a small production. In the following years, his son Kamil Özkaleli increased the capacity by adding some innovations to the work. By 1955, the Özkaleli brand had become official. Today's Özkaleli A.Ş. managers are the third generation of the family. Until 1992, they continued with the traditional methods. From this year onwards, Zile molasses has been brought to modern, contemporary, new technologies. It has been made healthier, lighter, more delicious without compromising its naturalness, its reputation has been further increased. Ozkaleli Food Industry Inc. continues its production with 4 thousand 500 m2 closed area and latest technological machinery on the land of 14,500 m2 at the entrance of Zile'nın Ankara Road when it is day-to-day. White Zile molasses is produced in walnut and plain. In the near future, Zile molasses will be diversified by mixing with various aromatic flavors. In addition, the firm is also very ambitious in the production of liquid molasses.

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